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a christmas story. one shot.

author/s: missy and Ryan (a bit)
Characters: Bam/Ryan
takes place on christmas day at the Margera house hold. before he married missy. 

As Phil and Don Vito lay half dead on the coach, Jess and his wife, home for the first christmas in years, sit watching a random Romantic comedy on tv,  Ape in the kitchen already half started on the dishes and me lying upside down on an arm chair texting novak, it seemed to be a pretty average christmas day. i jump as Vito lets out an almighty snore, laughing out loud i flip off the coach backwards to see what mom was up to. "hey ape need a hand?" i say picking up a dish rag off the counter.

"whats wrong Bam, you never help... are you feeling ok?" she says holding out her hand to feel my head.
"yeah Mom, im fine." i say as i pick up a dish and drying it. i guess everyone knew why i was acting a bit odd today, it was the first christmas without my best friend, Today marked one year since id seen him and it drove me insane. ever since we were small Ry and i were always together on christmas day, and there were things we did EVERY year that we wouldnt include anyone else in. Traditions i guess you could say. such as setting up a camping chair on the roof of my house and would sit and drink till the sun came up.

i finished drying a few dishes and then pulled a fake yawn. thinking about Ry just made me sad, and i needed to clear my head. "i think im gonna go to bed, night mom" i say kissing her on the cheek and walk out into the lounge room toward the stairs saying goodnight to my big brother and his wife. i would have said goodnight to Dad and Vito but they wouldnt remember tomorrow, in fact i dont think they would even had heard me. i climb the stairs to my room but pull a right the the window we used to climb out. i stare out at the night, the beautiful dark night, the stars so bright in the sky. it made me sad to think about where i was this time last year, out on said roof throwing bottle rockets at Don Vito's car, with Ryan. god i miss you buddy. i gave into temptation and clamber out onto the roof. 

i lay back against the cold slate roof, the night air was cold on my arms and face. i look at the stars and wonder what my best mate looked like after one whole year. "so ry, hows life in LA?" i say to myself out loud, thinking maybe somehow he'd hear me. "wonder if your looking at the stars too. do you miss me buddy? i miss you. ive always missed you. i never got to say this, mainly coz i didnt know how but i love you Random, i always have, Why'd you leave Ry? you could have just stayed. West Chester is a good place, you could have just moved in with me, nothing there is any different to here, and im here. i fuckn loved you!" by this point i had gotten quite worked up and felt a tear fall from my eye. i sit up and wipe it away on my fingerless gloves.

i hear someone coming up the stairs, wiping away any trace of my emotions. i sit and look out at the woods behind our house pretending not to be emotionally drained. "Brandon, sweety there's someone here to see you" Ape said leaning out the window. "come off the roof and see, its cold son." she said and left me to climb back in, brandon? since when does she call me brandon?. i sit awhile longer before climbing back through the window. the harsh warmth of the house hurt on my skin as i headed downstairs to see my mysterious visitor. 

"Since when am i Brandon Mom, last time i checked everyone called me bam" i said as i descended the stairs "And who the hell comes at 11:15 at night on christmas...." with that i was cut off by a flying tackle from behind "WHAT THE FUCK!" i scream as my head hit the floor hard. "HELLO BUDDY" said the man who was pinning me to the ground. the voice sounded familiar, but i couldnt put my finger on it. "DID YA MISS ME?" he screamed in my ear. leaning down so my eyes met his i finally knew who it was. "RYAN FUCKEN DUNN" i screamed rolling over and hugging him so hard that i think i may have broken his spine. when i finally let go we stood and Ry greeted the rest of the still conscious family. i just kept looking at him and grinning. jess caught my eye and smiled. he was glad to see me smile, i guess everyone was. 

"up stairs"
"to our spot"
"get the beer?"
"get the chairs!"

with the few spoken words we gathered the things and met on the roof. i pulled on my coat as i headed out onto the roof. Ry was already in his chair waiting to have a beer and tell me all about the last year of his life, and i was ready to hear it. i climb out on the roof and sit in the chair next to him, handing him one of the two beers id brought out we opened them in unison and took a sip. looking out into the night it felt so good to see him and almost felt like he had never left. "get me a present?" i said jokingly. Ry just looked at me for a moment, lowering my beer from my lips i just stared back at him. i didnt know what to do, the moonlight danced in his eyes. after what felt like an eternity he spoke, words i thought he'd never say, "i love you too" he said as he leaned across and kissed me on the lips.

suddenly this was gonna be the best christmas ever.



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