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not so long ago did we start thi lj well almost a year now and i cant beleive we have lasted this long. ok ok so we dont post as often as we should but were busy ppl lol
i was thinking of going back to my roots and doing ryan/colin again i miss the old times lol.

xx missy


back to scamming off my boys!!!

i have a new account but thought to myself why not check out the old and love said no gang. so i was super happy when i found out that the password hadnt changed in like 6 months! (should really get round to that guys) so yeah im back, (for awhile)

xxx missy


Writer's Block: Fearsome

The boogeyman, global thermonuclear war, being forced to eat broccoli—there's a lot to be afraid of when you're a kid. What was your biggest childhood fear?
i think mine is the same now as then, i have always been afraid of braking a bone. i know kinda stupid. :P

the week in reflect....

 hey guys,

im year 12 now, YUCK!!! and am hating the fact that i have now time to write anything!! today in english we were each given a quote and now have to write a creative story about it. now i cant really remember the quote to well but i kinda got the gist of it. mine was something along the lines of every scrapped knee and something, something make you who you are today. so almost straight away i thought of.... BAM lol, so im playing to write kinda a fanfiction thing about bam!!! 

anyway on the no writing thing i'm so ready to die cause i need to write!!! and the other awful thing is i have heard and read some really moving things and i really need to write something.... ANYTHING. tomorrow i'm going to see my baby!! (well not MY baby, but hell he's hot as shit) 

so now i'm gonna say goodbye, and could ya put another beer in the fridge Ry... 

lv yall xoxoxo



Writer's Block: Seven

Which of the seven deadly sins—sloth, greed, lust, gluttony, anger, envy, and pride—are you most likely to commit?
this is gonna sound like lame but lust, i cant help myself!!
hey guys sorry been so busy

im in my last year at school so im stressing a bit!! i hope yall have been well! heres what's going on.

Ryan is really busy with work and uni so he wont be posting as much
Chris is about the same, but has some time on his hands and will post fics
and me ill try to be on here as often as i can, just a bit hard ATM.

every1 watch this vid!!

bam is hawttttt


 OK so the OTP of Bam and Ry has suddenly become true, and kinda the cuteness of the whole thing has gone out of it with me, but I've kinda gained a sorta respect for them, i think its really like sweet that they made out, but i pity Missy quite a bit, i guess the whole drunken thing would explain a lot, i gotta admit ive done things like that when i was drunk but i dnt know. if it really is true chawww and took you long enough but if its not thank god! coz i actually like them not being a couple.

love Chris & Ryan


Australia Day

happy australia day guys!
were trying a new system here at and love said no, were trying to get posts into like tag groups, so if you go to tabs you cant jus pick the kinda thing you wanna read.

love u all, missy


Top Ten!

tonight on worst songs ever!!!!!

10. no 1- alica keys
9. mess around- alvin and the fucking chipmunks!!1
8.kiss kiss- chris brown
7. low-flo rida
6.the girls - calvin harris
5. better than me-hinder
4. when doves cry- prince
3. dont matter- akon
2. rockstar- nicklebak
1. lips of an angel- hinder